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Cider has been fermented / brewed for a number of centuries and is particularly popular in the UK, France, Portugal, Northern Spain and Northern Italy as well as other commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Although this wonderful tipple has been popular for centuries the popularity seems to be growing with many great brands popping up around the countries mentioned as well as others such as in the US.

So what are some alcoholic Apple cider drinks? before we get into that lets look as some ways to enjoy cider.

How to enjoy cider

Of course everyone has their favorite way to drink and their favorite brand of cider but one way that has increased in popularity over the years is to drink cider with ice which adds to the refreshing nature of this wonderful tipple. One famous drink that is certainly not for the fainthearted is to add half a pint of cider with half a pint of lager which is extremely potent drink and adding blackcurrant turns a fantastic dark color, the name of these drinks is snake bite and black known for its vicious bite.

Cider Fact

Did you known that you need around 5Kg and 6.4KG of apples to produce 4.54 liters of cider?

Top 30 Cider and Perry Brands worldwide

The world of cider does in fact include Perry also, cider as mentioned is made from apples but Perry is made from pears. So, what is the top selling brands of ciders and Perry worldwide based on 2018 figures.

Global Brand Name Global Brand Owner
1 Strongbow Heineken NV
2 Hunter’s Distell Group Ltd
3 Somersby Carlsberg A/S
4 Angry Orchard Boston Beer Co Inc, The
5 Savanna Distell Group Ltd
6 Kopparberg Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB
7 Magners C&C Group Plc
8 Thatchers Thatchers Cider Co Ltd
9 Stella Artois Anheuser-Busch InBev NV
10 Bulmers C&C Group Plc
11 Rekorderlig Cider Åbro Bryggeri AB
12 Weston H Weston & Sons Ltd
13 Lambrini Halewood International Ltd
14 Frosty Jack Aston Manor Brewery Co Ltd
15 Strongbow Anheuser-Busch InBev NV
16 Bulmers Heineken NV
17 El Gaitero Valle, Ballina & Fernández SA
18 Réal Cía Cervecerías Unidas SA
19 Growers Arterra Wines Canada Inc
20 La Victoria Cía Cervecerías Unidas SA
21 Del Valle Bodegas Cuvillier SA
22 Old Mout Cider Heineken NV
23 Toohey’s Kirin Holdings Co Ltd
24 Bulmers Original Heineken NV
25 Rekorderlig Åbro Bryggeri AB
26 Loïc Raison Agrial Groupe
27 Fizz Olvi Oyj
28 Cereser CRS Brands Indústria & Comércio Ltda
29 Orchard Thieves Heineken NV
30 Blackthorn C&C Group Plc

Top 10 Cider brands UK – Recommended

Below is the list of the top 10 cider brands that are enjoyed in the UK.

  1. Bulmers – also known as Magners Original Irish cider when produced for Ireland owned by C&C group plc. Bulmers produce a huge range of different variants including pear, crushed apple, black cherry to name a few and also have a sub brand called orchard pioneers
  2. Strongbow dark fruits – Brewed by AbIn Bev
  3. Thatchers Gold – some other fantastic brands including Rose and Cloudy lemonade cider amongst others
  4. Strongbow – Brewed by ABIn Bev
  5. Koppaberg – very famous pear cider and the first to launch that took the market by storm
  6. Henry Weston’s vintage cider – Family owed and some wonderful other products including organic, Rose, old Rosie and Perry
  7. Somersby – other flavor variants include cranberry, apple burst, blackberry, organic and pear cider
  8. Frosty Jack – they produce a white cider as well as the usual colors
  9. Bulmers Original – as detailed above
  10. Blackthorn – based in the South West of England

The above list is of course the large producers that are popular in the UK however there are several different brewers around the UK that produce cider on a small scale.

Some Recommended Cider Brands From Other Countries

Zeffers cider – New Zealand – Hawkes Bay – They produce some fantastic ciders as well as an expansive range of seltzers and alcoholic ginger beers.

Rekorderlig – Sweden – A premium hard cider, created and imported from Vimmerby, Sweden. A naturally gluten free, vegan friendly, lightly carbonated fruit hard cider with only 110 calories and 4.5% ABV. A variety of different flavors including pear cider, passion fruit also available.

Angry Orchard – USA – New York-  owned by the Boston Beer Company. It makes hard cider using apples from their own 60-acre orchard located in Hudson Valley, New York. In its first year, the cider was only available in New England, Colorado, Maryland, and New York. These Hard Apple Ciders are delicious and flavorful and the perfect blend of apple and cider.


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