Belgium Beer Brand List – Not to be missed!

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Belgium breweries have been producing their wonderful beers for centuries and as far back as the 12thcentury, they have in excess of 200 active breweries in operation that produce and sell their historical beers mainly in bottles and generally not in cans.

This Belgium Beer brand list is a guide to some most widely known beers but also covers some less known brews and highlights some great examples that you need to add to your tasting list.


This 8.5% ABV famed Belgium pale ale is one of the most widely known Belgium brew worldwide, it is produced by Duvel Moortgat brewery and was initially named victory ale. The brewery brews several versions however the original one is brewed with Scottish yeast and after bottling experiences a second fermentation.

A smooth ale with a strong hop flavors with a touch of spice and citrus and floral aromas. A great beer and one that needs to make it on to your must try list.

Hoegaarden – Belgium Beer

This original Belgium wheat beer is 4.9% ABV and it a yeasty beer bready and flavors of citrus. that pairs well with salads or seafood.

Chimay Blue

This dark beer is what is called a Trappist which is a category of beers based on origin which also includes beers that are brewed in Trappist monasteries and therefore Internationally acclaimed as Trappist beers and can only be produced by Trappist abbeys.

Chimay Blue is 9% ABV which is not one for the faint hearted, it has flavors of caramel and honey and is a dark and rich beer.


Fruit beers has been a trait of the Belgium breweries for centuries and beer made with the addition of cherries is extremely popular. The beer itself undergoes a secondary fermentation after bottling. The tastes apart from the fruit delivers a sour but balanced profile with a refreshing and crisp character with a dry finish.

Allagash White Belgium Witbier

This 5.2% ABV wheat beer is brewed with oats, malted wheat and raw wheat that gives it the hazy look. Allagash White features a refreshing balance of citrus and spice. Coriander and Curaçao orange peel round out the flavor, which is yeasty, citrus, spicy and fresh.

Trappisters Rochefort #8

This is one of the most highly sought after high quality Belgium beer, a true beer aficionado’s desert island beer and one that has to be if not at No1 of your tasting list at least very close. Essence of chocolate and cherry enjoy!

Duchesse De Bourgogne – Belgium Sour

This sour beer is 6.2% ABV and certainly a different ale to get stuck into, it is matured in oak for 18 months

Kwak Belgium Ale – Belgium Specialty Ale

This 8.4% ABV beer and amber in appearance certainly packs a punch with tastes of sweet and smoky roasted malt, caramel plum and cherry and some with aromas of caramel sweetness, spicy and floral. It is particularly a smooth drink which is surprising if you look at the high strength.

Delirium Nocturnum Belgium Strong Dark Ale

This 8.5% ABV dark brown-red beer is a compact white- yellow and stable beer. The aromas of caramel, mocha and chocolate are most noticeable, and the taste has notes of spices, liquorice and coriander. The overall feel of the beer is smooth and has a softness about it with a well – balanced beer between the bitterness, sweetness, and sourness.

Piraat Belgium Beer

Look out this one is certainly not a session ale, at 10.8% ABV take your time in savoring this fine specimen. It has a fruity, spicy, complex aroma and flavor, with sweetness followed by low hop bitterness evident coriander-like spiciness. Enjoy!

St. Bernardus Abt 12

Another punch packer at 10% ABV is a dark beer full of complex flavors its fruity aroma and has a bittersweet finish with a hoppy bite. It is well known and loved around the world and a beer that if you have not tried so far you are definitely missing out. A full-bodied taste and a perfect balance between malty, bitter and sweet and brewed from one of the original recipes from the Trappist monks of Westvleteren.

Tripel Karmeliet Belgium Ale

At 8.4% ABV this beer is a nice balance between the high and the low strength beers. It is a refined and complex golden to bronze beer with a tight creamy head. It has a slightly fruity nature from banana and vanilla with hints of vanilla and citrus aromas and is a light and fresh beer that is also creamy and dry. A real treat and one that must make it on to your tasting list.

St. Louis Fond Tradition Gueuze Lambic

St-Louis Gueze Fond Tradition is a pure traditional gueze aimed at connoisseurs. The aroma of fruity apples stands out and sourness comes through the taste with characteristics of lambic beers. It is dry and low in strength with an ABV of 5%.

Stella Artois

We could not end this article without mentioning this most famous beer and the No1 selling Belgium beer worldwide, it might not be a craft beer however a must have in anyone’s bar. It has a wonderful floral aroma, well-balanced malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and a soft dry finish. At 5% ABV one can enjoy a few of these with friends and family.



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In Parting

There are some really high quality beers mentioned in this article and hope you enjoy working your way through them, please feel free to leave any comments regarding any of the Belgium beers or any others that I have mentioned.



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