List Champagne Types – Whats the Best 4u?

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Champagne the most famous region of France that has a fantastic history and over the years has implemented strict criteria for the region in regard to what can be called a Champagne. The boundaries within the region has changed over the years which has caused much internal unrest within France however has for the most recent times been accepted Worldwide of the Heritage of “Champagne”, This is not a surprise as the products coming out of the region are not just good Champagne Brands but I would say exquisite brands!

What are the different Categories of Champagne?

Before we look at the good champagne brands it is good to understand the term good and to understand the different levels and categories of champagne.

Everyone has their own criteria for good however I would categories good as in a more than acceptable standard of which pleases the senses when consumed. Now let’s look at the different categories.

Champagne Quality Pyramid

The top tier of Champagne is of the highest quality and quite clearly luxury with less product produced and therefore is distributed in smaller quantities and has less availability.

The Mid-tier is actually of premium quality and can be classed as a fine wine.

The base tier is more commercial with champagne houses having a strong marketing strategy as well as the more mass-produced product which is in general still good quality.

What are the different sizes of Champagne

Most people have heard of a Magnum which of course is a 1.5 liter bottle, these are widely used for celebrations and prizes and everyone would be aware that the most readily available comes in a 0.75cl bottle (750ml) called ‘Champenoise’. There are some larger sizes which are mind blowing as well as the entry level sizes for single serve.

  • The quarter – 20cl (200ml)
  • The half bottle -37.5 cl (375ml)
  • The Jeroboam – 3 liters

The following sizes are not widely available and usually bottles to order.

  • Methuselah – 6 liters
  • Salmanazar – 9 liters
  • Balthazar – 12 liters
  • Nebuchadnezzar – 15 liters
  • Solomon – 18 liters
  • Soveerign – 26.25 liters
  • Primat – 27 liters
  • Melchizedek – 30 liters yes 30 liters of champagne in one bottle, how would you even carry that?

Great Champagne Brands

One would usually pop open a bottle of champagne in celebration, an afternoon brunch or maybe just a great catch up with some good friends, whatever your occasion there are some super brands to meet your budget in the three tiers that we mentioned earlier.

If budget is not a question you might want to splash out on any of the following brands that would certainly top any occasion:

Dom Pérignon only creates vintage wines. Only the best grapes from exceptional years are used, making each vintage distinct. It is the perfect embodiment of the Power of Creation – an act of creation that elevates the mind and enlightens the world.

There is complete balance between the nose and the palate. Its slender, minimalist, pure, toned, athletic character now also expresses itself with warmth. The fruit is pronounced and clear. It is mainly aromatic, Grey, smoky and highly promising.

99 Pts Wifred Wong, 98 Pts James Suckling, 98 Pts Vinous, 98 Pts Dames Dunnuck, 96 Pts Wine Spectator, and 96 Pts Decanter

The wine enjoys duality: warmth & freshness, meat & iodine pairings, cooked & raw. Spices enhance and accentuate 2008’s effervescence and densify the wine. Dom Pérignon likes playful experiences: culinary art, textures, and matters.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2005 Champagne

A 2005 vintage Late Release Cristal Champagne from Louis Roederer, made with 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay grapes. Matured for a further nine years after its disgorgement, this Cristal has notes of white peaches, buttery pastry, roasted hazelnuts, mocha and delicate wood smoke.


If you are looking to impress your quests but have rather a lot of them and need to control the budget to a certain degree then I recommend the from the following:

  • Palmer & Co
  • Champagne Bollinger
  • Louis Roederer
  • Champagne Polroger
  • Champagne Billecart Salmon

Even at the commercial level of Champagne there are some wonderful products and the following brands will not leave you disappointed:

Piper Heidsieck – Extra Dry Champagne

89 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. More boldly yeasty than the brut, the non vintage Piper-Heidsieck Extra Dry has an intriguing note of coconut in the nose; a more approachable, less austere, style.






  • Veuve Clicquot
  • Moet & Chandon
  • Piper-Heidsieck
  • Tattinger
  • Champagne Lanson
  • H. Mumm
  • Laurent-Perrier
  • Pommery
  • Nicolas Feuill

Why not order a bottle now from the comfort of your own home For North America you can visit:

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For all other Regions you can visit:

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I hope you enjoyed this article and hope you enjoy some brands mentioned even more and please add a comment below regarding Champagne types or your favorite one.

Bottoms up!



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