List most popular wines – and who makes them

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There are so many fantastic wines available today that meets all the different price points and during the article we will list most popular wines which is based on figures from 2018 the most recent available.

What are the most popular wines?

With so many wines that are available you would expect the list to be extremely large and you would not be disappointed, I have categorized in volumes purchase which is the best way to identify the popularity of course but does not necessarily determine quality.

The following is a list of wines and the volume of liters in millions produced in 2018.

Global Brand Name Global Brand Owner
Franzia Wine Group Inc, The
Barefoot Cellars E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Carlo Rossi E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Concha y Toro Viña Concha y Toro SA
Changyu Yantai Changyu Group Co Ltd
Hardys Accolade Wines Ltd
Tavernello CAVIRO – Cooperative Agricole Viti-Frutticoltori Italiani Riuniti Organizzati Scarl
Woodbridge Constellation Brands Inc
Sutter Home Trinchero Family Estates
Yellow Tail Casella Wines Pty Ltd
Rotkäppchen Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH
Twin Valley E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Toro FeCoVitA Coop Ltda
Riunite Cantine Riunite & CIV SC Agr
4th Street Distell Group Ltd
Black Box Constellation Brands Inc
Jacob’s Creek Pernod Ricard Groupe
Freixenet Oetker-Gruppe
Charles Shaw Bronco Wine Co
Peter Vella E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Santa Rita Viña Santa Rita SA
Beringer Treasury Wine Estates Ltd
Lindeman’s Treasury Wine Estates Ltd
Great Wall China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Imp & Exp Corp (COFCO)
Roche Mazet Castel Groupe
Livingston Cellars E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Michel Torino Grupo Peñaflor SA
Pico de Oro Bodegas y Viñedos Garbin SA
Liberty Creek E&J Gallo Winery Inc
McGuigan Australian Vintage Ltd
Paarle Perle Distell Group Ltd
Chateau Ariant TSPI OOO
Termidor Grupo Peñaflor SA
De Bortoli De Bortoli Wines Pty Ltd
Apothic E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Echo Falls Accolade Wines Ltd
Santa Ana Grupo Peñaflor SA
Bianchi Bodegas Valentin Bianchi SA
Gato Cía Cervecerías Unidas SA
Wolf Blass Treasury Wine Estates Ltd
E & J Gallo E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Kendall-Jackson Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates
Chateau Ste Michelle Altria Group Inc
André E&J Gallo Winery Inc
Inkerman Inkerman International AB
Cavit Cantina Viticoltori, Consorzio Cantine Sociali del Trentino (CAVIT) scarl
JP Chenet Grands Chais de France SA, Les
Don Simón J García Carrión SA
Santa Helena Santa Helena SA
Autumn Harvest Crackling Distell Group Ltd
Namaqua Raisin Social Ltd
Monastyrskaya Trapeza Alvisa SL
Ménage à Trois Trinchero Family Estates
Igristye Vina Igristye Vina ZAO
McWilliam’s McWilliam’s Wines Pty Ltd
Inglenook Wine Group Inc, The
Pusan Takju Pusan Takju Association
Blossom Hill Treasury Wine Estates Ltd
Arbor Mist Constellation Brands Inc
Ozeki Ozeki Co Ltd
Xitang Kuai Ji Shan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd
Cumbres de Gredos J García Carrión SA
Nieto Senetiner Molinos Río de la Plata SA
Almaden Wine Group Inc, The
Resero FeCoVitA Coop Ltda
Weilong Yantai Weilong Grape Wine Co Ltd
Vendange Constellation Brands Inc
Dynasty Dynasty Winery Co Ltd
Wuzhanmao Kuai Ji Shan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd
Saeng Makkeoli Kooksoondang Brewery Co Ltd
First Cape Brand Phoenix Ltd

The Wineries

Franzia that tops the list of most popular brand based in the USA California, they are known for their boxed wines such as 5 litres packs which contain more in volume that bottles of wine of course which are generally 0.75 litres.

Barefoot cellars and Carlo Rosi that are the second and third most popular brands are both owned by EJ Gallo winery inc also based in California USA.

The volume that Franzia pumped out in 2018 and Barefoot cellars individually was double that of the sixth brand’s volume Hardys which is phenomenal.

The fourth brand Concha y toro based in Chile, South America and leading brand in South America with an impressive lineup of vineyards in the following valleys: Maipo – Casablanca – Limari – Cachapoal – Colchagua – Maule.

As with all these brands they have managed to tap into the export market and grow their brand successfully by expanding their footprint.

Changyu the fifth most popular wine in 2018 is based in China and although does export they produce some great wines that supply their home Country and only started in 2013 which is staggering to see that they are producing such great volumes so early on. They are based in Ningxia which is the latest hot spot for wine making areas in China.

Hardys in at number six is the first up for the southern hemisphere coming out of Australia and owned by Accolade wines.

In finishing

Some great wines and some great volumes from wineries literally from around the world and many brand names that may be new to you, that said I would highly recommend to try different brands from list as the art of enjoying wine is partly down to experimenting and trying something new.

Happy tasting.



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