List Russian Vodka Brands – who distills them

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Vodka one of the world most popular spirits and the National drink for Russia and CIS Countries and there as you would expect a large list Russian vodka brands.

The spirit is extremely versatile and is widely drank neat, start from the freezer or at room temperature or with a variety of different mixers such as orange juice, lime and soda.

You could also write a book on the number of cocktails that are made with this spirit.


As you would expect there are several distilleries that produce vodka in the region and more than ten some of which are listed below:

  • Sojuzplodoimport
  • Roust Global
  • Alcohol Siberian Group
  • Kristall
  • Georgiyvskiy
  • Russian Standard
  • Beluga Group
  • Bashspirt
  • Ladoga
  • Russian North


List Russian Vodka Brands

The following is a list in alphabetical order;

Pyat Ozer ( Five lakes) Outinka
Baikal Ptichka Sinichka
Bashkir Standard Russian Standard
Belomorkanal Russkaya
Belaya Beryozka (white birch) Russian ice
Belebeevskaya Russian North
Belenkaya Russian Value
Beloye Ozero ( white lake) Royal Village
Beluga Soplica
Cristall Stolichnaya
Drova Sibirskaya (Siberian)
Fashion Luxury Talka
Georgiyvskaya Tel’nyashka (vest)
Green Mark Tsar (King)
Husky Tsarskaya Krepost’ (Royal Fortress)
Imperia Tsarskaya Zolotaya (Imperial Gold)
Juravli Tsarskaya Original l’naya (Royal Original)
Kazionka Urozhay
Kedrovica White Fortress (Belaya Krepost)
Kubanskaya Winter Road
Marusia Yamskaya
Moskovskaya Zubrovka
Myagkov Zver’ (Beast)


As there are so many brands on offer here it would be unfair not to guide of what are perhaps the best out of the 47 listed brands above, therefore we have selected the following brands as well as the distillers.

  • Green Mark – Roust Global
  • Winter Road – Kristall
  • Gosudarev zakaz – Georgiyvskiy
  • 5 Ozer (Lakes) – Alcohol Siberia Group
  • Russian Standard – Russian standard
  • Beluga – Beluga Group
  • Belebeevskaya’ – Bashspirt
  • Belenkaya; – Georgiyvskiy
  • Putinka – Kristall
  • Russian North – Russian North
  • Zubrowka – Roust

Top 10 Russian Vodka by Volume

The most popular Russian vodka brand in sales terms is Zubrowka which is manufactured by Roust which reportedly sold 8.6 million 9 liters cases in 2018, that’s a lot of vodka.

The second in volumes in 20198 was Five lakes distilled by Alcohol Siberian Group with a volume of 4.3 million 9-liter cases.

The third is soplica distilled by Roust with 3.9 million 9-liter cases in 2018.

In at number 4 is Russian value distilled by JSC Tatspirtprom with 3.8 million 9-litre cases in 2018.

And fifth is Stolichnaya distilled by SPI Group with 3.7 million 9-litre cases of vodka during 2018.

Sixth is Russian Standard distilled by Roust and 3.5 million 9-litre cases in 2018.

Seventh place sees Belenkaya from the Beluga Group churning out 3 million 9-litre cases in 2018.

The eighth, ninth and tenth place is taken with three of Roust brands with Green mark, Talka and Zytniowka with 2.5, 2.3 and 2.1 million 9-litre cases retrospectively of product in 2018.

There is a huge amount of great Russian vodkas to choose from and hope that you enjoy working your way through them.


To your health!



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