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Whisky is one of the most popular spirits / liquors there are with hundreds of different brands worldwide which has grown in popularity for the last five hundred years plus since it was first distilled, from a bourbon in Kentucky all the way to a “wee dram” in Scotland this spirit has what it takes.

This article will list whisky brands that are well know as well as some of the less know ones and maybe some you have never heard of previously.

Before we get into the whisky brands lets look at firstly the different categories of whisky there are:

Regions of Whisky

The most well know whisky Countries that make whisky commercial are as follows:

  • Scottish whisky– there are several different categories of whiskies including blended, single malt, blended malt, and grain whisky. Within the malt whisky section there are six different areas where these are produced so you can see Scotland alone produces hundreds of brands throughout these different areas.
  • Irish Whisky– is distilled one more time that scotch whisky making it a smoother taste. Like Scottish whisky Irish also produces several different categories such as blended, single malt, single grain and single pot still.
  • American Bourbon Whiskey– although American bourbon is well known to be produced in Kentucky it was not always that way as distilling originated from Maryland and Pennsylvania. They now specialize in several different categories such as Bourbon, Corn, Malt, rye, Tennessee, and wheat.
  • Indian Whisky-Similar to Irish categories of blended, single malt, single grain, and single pot. Most of the volumes produced is blended
  • Canadian Whisky– similar characteristics to that of Scotch whisky and bourbon but also has a style of its own based on the different production processes and the focus on rye.
  • Japanese Whisky– the quality and reputation from product from Japan has excelled in recent years and has worldwide recognition for product being distilled. A varied selection of different products based on a variety of different production techniques.

There are other Countries of course that produce whisky however these are the main Countries with worldwide dominance.

Top 30 Whiskies

The following is a list of the top 30 whisky brands worldwide and who the owning company is as well as the category that they fit into. The below table is based on the last available figures which was 2018 and the order highest volume first.

Brand Owner Category
1 Officers Choice Allied Blenders & Distillers Indian Whisky
2 Mc Dowell’s No.1 Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
3 Imperial Blue Pernod Ricard Indian Whisky
4 Royal Stag Pernod Ricard Indian Whisky
5 Johnnie Walker Diageo Scotch Whisky
6 Jack Daniel’s Brown-Forman American Whiskey
7 Original Choice John Distilleries Indian Whisky
8 Jim Beam Beam Suntory American Whiskey
9 Haywards Fine Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
10 Jameson Pernod Ricard Irish Whisky
11 Ballantine’s Pernod Ricard Scotch Whisky
12 Crown Royal Diageo Canadian Whisky
13 Blender’s Pride Pernod / Ricard Indian Whisky
14 Director’s Special Black Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
15 Old Tavern Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
16 Bagpiper Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
17 Royal Challenge Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
18 Bangalore Malt John Distilleries Indian Whisky
19 Suntory Kakubin Beam Suntory Japenese Whisky
20 Grant’s William Grant & Sons Scotch Whisky
21 Chivas Regal Pernod Ricard Scotch Whisky
22 Director’s Special Diageo / United Spirits Indian Whisky
23 William Lawson’s Bacardi Scotch Whisky
24 Black Nikka Clear Asahi Breweries Japenese Whisky
25 J&B Diageo Scotch Whisky
26 William Peel Belvedere Scotch Whisky
27 Dewar’s Bacardi Scotch Whisky
28 Black & White Diageo Scotch Whisky
29 Seagram’s 7 Crown Diageo American Whiskey
30 Label 5 La Martiniquaise Scotch Whisky


Scotch Whiskies

I detail below the top Scotch whisky brands in terms of volume as well as the owning company of the brand, these figures were available for the latests year’s available which was the position of the brands in 2018.

Johnnie Walker Diageo
Ballantine’s Pernod Ricard
Grant’s William Grant & Sons
Chivas Regal Pernod Ricard
William Lawson’s Bacardi
J&B Diageo
William Peel Belvedere
Dewar’s Bacardi
Black & White Diageo
Label 5 La Martiniquaise
Bell’s Diageo
Passport Pernod Ricard
Buchanan’s Diageo
Sir Edward’s La Martiniquaise
White Horse Diageo
100 Pipers Pernod Ricard
Clan Campbell Pernod Ricard
Glenfiddich William Grant & Sons
Teacher’s Highland Cream Beam Suntory
Vat 69 Diageo
The Glenlivet Pernod Ricard


Indian Whiskies

I detail below the top Indian whisky brands in terms of volume as well as the owning company of the brand which again the figures determined the figures in the last available year which was 2018.

Officers Choice Allied Blenders & Distillers
Mc Dowell’s No.1 Diageo / United Spirits
Imperial Blue Pernod Richard
Royal Stag Pernod Richard
Original Choice John Distilleries
Haywards Fine Diageo / United Spirits
Blender’s Pride Pernod Richard
Director’s Special Black Diageo / United Spirits
Old Tavern Diageo / United Spirits
Bagpiper Diageo / United Spirits
Royal Challenge Diageo / United Spirits
Bangalore Malt John Distilleries
Director’s Special Black Diageo / United Spirits
Signature Diageo / United Spirits
White & Blue Alcobrew Distilleries
Royal Green ADS Spirits
Sterling Reserve Premium Allied Blenders & Distillers


Why not order some of these great brands from the comfort of your own home:

The above lists do not even scratch the surface of the different brands however gives a good indication of the top selling brands worldwide.

Once you focus on specific categorizations of whisky such as Single malts you could easily rack up over 100 brands alone with approx. 1,000 plus different variations.

I recommend you home in on either the type of whisky that you like most and purchase a more premium product to get a real sense of the quality within those categories. In addition to that it is also recommended to venture into different categories so can you get a real idea of the huge differences between them. For example if you have mainly tasted Scottish blended scotch I recommend you try a single malt and even an Irish blend. The most economical way to taste different product is of course in a bar as you can purchase a shot rather than a whole bottle.

Everyone has their personal choice however a good rule of thumb is the better quality the whisky is the less you mix with it! Therefore, drink a single malt neat or over ice and adding a mixer really does defeats the whole point.

I welcome your feedback on this article and if you could leave in the comment section below.



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