London Breweries – a sampler

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London the capital of good olde Blighty and home to some great breweries. There are over 100 plus locally owned breweries / brew pubs in the capital with a fantastic range on offer of some fantastic brews.

So, what are they?

A selection of London Breweries are shown below in two categories, Nationally owned and Internationally owned.

Nationally Owned

Beaver townsituated in Lockwood industrial Park it is a real success story with the explosion in
popularity of their beer so much so that they are having to extend their brewery. The branding and names of the beers are fantastic and have great character. A top recommendation to try these wonderful beers.

Core beers include – Nanobot, Beavo, Gama ray, Neck oil, Lupuloid, Bloody’ell

Seasonal beers available throughout the year.

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Brick Brewery – The story started with the founder Ian in serving up local brews in his garage and due to popularity having to move to a larger site in Peckham.

Core beers include – Peckham pale, Peckham Pils, Peckham IPA, Peckham Rye

The original site where brewing was carried out is now the tap room where up to 20 real ales can be tasted with a mixture of core brewery range and some seasonal guest beers.

Brew dog – Brew Pub Tower hill also known as brewdog outposts, does not need any introduction as if you have not heard of brewdog maybe you were on another planet. This London based brew pub is the local offering to this hugely popular Scottish brewer that now distributes their beer around the World as well as Brewdog run bars from USA to Russia.

Their Outposts are the perfect place to grab a craft beer, and watch it being made, there and then on the premises. Pairing our craft beer brewed in the Ellon eco-brewery with one-off, small batch brews created on the Outpost pilot kits for their local communities.

Core beers include – Punk IPA, Dead Pony club, Lost lager, Clockwork Tangerine, Zombie cake.

Punk IPA is one of my favorite brews, even though its kegged and pasteurized its still a wonderful pint and when you are in a non-beer brewing Country and craft beer does not exist Punk IPA is a God send.

Order direct from Brewdog:

Four pure Brewing Company – Based in Bermondsey started by two brothers Dan & Tom in 2013 with a passion to share great beer with a focus on quality.

They were the first craft brewer to can their entire range which ensures more people can enjoy their quality brews.

They were named 2017 Most Innovative Brewery and Brewery Business of the Year at the Society of Independent Brewers annual awards.

Some funky designs on the artwork also really connect with their customers.

Core beers include – Hemisphere IPA, Easy peeler (citrus), Shapeshifter West coast IPA, Juicebox, Base camp, Last train, Monsoon, Lost at sea.

Many seasonal ales are available throughout the year.

London Brewing Company –started life in Highgate and started in the Bull pub back in 2011 and was one of the first brew pubs to brew beer and sell on site. The brewery then expanded in a larger pub now brewery in North Finchley where one can socialise and taste the variety of cask and keg beer.

Core beers include:- Skyline American pale ale, London Lush, Never Mind the Kent Hops, Beer street, 100 Oysters. A range of keg beer is also available. Beers can be ordered on line via EeBria but mainly supplied locally.

Internationally Owned Breweries

Fullers– Based in Chiswick Lane South London and now Owned by Asahi UK. The brewery started in 1845 when an agreement between Fuller, Smith & Turner was signed and creating Fuller Griffin Brewery. Like many breweries it has seen some changes of ownership- over the years and most recently purchased by Asashi UK. A brewery with wonderful heritage and beer.

Core beers include – London’s Pride, Frontier, ESB the champion ale, Organic Honeydew, Wild river, Session IPA, Olivers island, Seafarers, London Porter, Frontier

One of my all-time favorite pints when I lived in Surrey was London’s Pride, a fantastic beer.

The public can arrange for a brewery tour and there is also a brewery shop situated on site where you can purchase several of their famous ales.

Camden Town– Owned by AbIn Bev – the original brewery was situated in Camden and the second newest brewery is situated in Enfield. A fantastic selection of beers available also in cans and bottles.

They brew several different types of ales from Lager, Pale ale to IPA’s.

Core beers include – Caden Pale Ale, Camden Hells lager, Off menu IPA, Week Nite lager, Gentleman’s Wit, Show off lager, Ink Stout, Unfiltered Hells lager.

Several seasonal ales are available such as strawberry Hells forever lager sounds delicious.

Brewery tours are available from the Camden brewery and have a pop-up beer Garden and a web shop also available.

London Fields – Owned by Carlsberg – Warburton Street.

Delivery within the UK is free if orders of 25 pounds and more. Taproom open 6 days a week.

Core beers include – Broadway Boss, Hackney Hopster, 3 Weiss Monkeys.

You can also arrange for private hire an event space on site.


I hope this article has shed some light on a sampler of the different London breweries, for a full list please visit the CAMRA website.

I hope that you get to taste some of the wonderful beers that are brewed in these London breweries if not all of them.







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  1. I used to live in London a long time ago, but before any of these breweries sprung up, I think; well, except for Fullers, I wasn’t around in 1845 😉

    Now, I live in Mexico, and I have seen London Pride bottles in a local grocery store here. I have not tried it yet, but now that I read your article I will buy it next time I see it. I think it is great that I can order these online. Brew Dog looks like a great brewery, and I would love to try those beers. I love the names of the beers 🙂 When I order this online, are they delivered anywhere or just in specific countries?

  2. Hello there!

    That was a good one, I never knew London is the capital of good olde Blighty and home to some great breweries until now. I just realized and come to the knowledge of that, I’m glad to have come accros this piece and i hope to start watching out for those breweries moving forward.

    Thanks for that informative article.

  3. I like your post! l have never tried that beer but now after l read your article, l will sure going to buy try it. In my town we also have very popular brawery that makes Zajecarsko beer. Beer conecting people. Good people drink good bear, l like that quote very much. Cheers to that / Prost!

  4. Definitely an interesting read. Though I am in the United states, seeing such a post as this here is also worthy of a read. On a more serious note, having to get introduction to the information supplied here is massive to see and I value it all.than you so much for sharing your information to me Here. Thank you

    1. Hi Kimberley, glad that you found the article interesting and hope that you are able to taste some of these great beers.  

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