Pear Cider Brands – where are they from?

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Perry which is the name to pear cider has been mentioned in the UK licensing laws since the 18thcentury and been an alcoholic drink for centuries however this category started to become better known when Kopparberg was launched into the market a number of years ago now, since then there have been an increasing number of pear cider brands that have launched worldwide as this popular category continues to grow alongside its big brother apple cider.

Some background on Perry 

Perry is made from fermented pears and a very similar process that cider is made from although cider of course is made from apples, there are two other important differences to apple cider where by the pears have to be left to mature for a period of time following harvest and the pomace (solid remains of the fruit) is left to stand after crushing which loosens the tannins.

Perry also referred to as “Perry cider” has been prevalent in parts of the South West of England including Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Worcestershire but also is manufactured in South Wales, and France especially Normandy and Anjou. Perry is lighter and more floral than that of apple cider.

Perry cider Brands 

There are hundreds of Perry brands available worldwide and thousands of different types and flavors as many breweries manufacture several different flavors including different fruit flavors. The following is a selection of some of the most widely know with a scattering of some less known which in general have good reviews.

  •   Kopparberg pear cider- ABV 4.5% brewed in Sweden and has a lot of great reviews and one of the most recommended and popular brands
  •       Magners Pear cider ABV4.5% – this famous cider company brews their products in Ireland and is well know for its quality and taste
  •       Portland Pearfect cider – ABV5.5% brewed in Oregon USA
  •       Henry Westons vintage Perry 2014 ABV 7.4% brewed in Hereford UK
  •       Hogans Vintage Perry – ABV 5.4% brewed in Warwickshire UK
  •       Samuel Smith Organic Perry – ABV5% brewed in the UK
  •       Flying brick Cider Co – pear cider ABV4.9% award winning pear cider brewed in Australia
  •       Ace Perry cider – ABV 5% award winning perry brewed in California USA
  •       Dunkertons Perry – ABV 7.5% brewed in Herefordshire in the UK
  •       Rekorderlig Pear Cider – ABV4.5% – brewed in Sweden and is gluten reduced
  •       Wyder’s Pear cider ABV4% – brewed in Vermont USA – has some good reviews
  •       Brothers Festival pear cider 7% ABV – Brewed in Somerset UK this product does not have particularly good reviews based on the taste.
  •       Gibbert Oak pear cider medium dry – ABV 5.6% brew3ed in Kent UK
  •       Williams Sir Perrys cider ABV 6% brewed in the UK and is gluten free
  •       Christian Drouin – ABV 4% – brewed in France
  •       Bull Run Cider Creekside Cranberry Perry -ABV 5.5% – brewed in Oregon USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Original sin pear cider – ABV4.5% brewed in New York USA
  •       Dudders Tun Ltd – ABV 5% brewed in Kent UK
  •       Carib Blood Orange Cider – brewed in Trinidad and Tobago and is Gluten reduced
  •       Talbott’s grow a pear perry – ABV 6% – brewed in Colorado USA
  •       Viuda De Angelon Perry Cider – ABV5.2% Brewed in Spain
  •       Cider 101 Mosaic Perry – ABV 5% – brewed in California USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Olivers classic Perry – ABV6% – brewed in UK and is gluten reduced
  •       Perrys Grey Heron Cider – ABV 5.5% – brewed in UK and is gluten reduced
  •       Nine Pin Ciderwork Hunny Pear – ABV 4.7% – brewed in New York USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Seattle Cider Perry – ABV 5.4% – brewed in Washington USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Fox Barrel Pear Naked – ABV 5.3% – brewed in California USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Crispin Blackberry Pear Hard Cider – ABV 5% – brewed in California USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Austen Eastcider Maker’s Stash Pear Rosemary Cider – ABV 6.6% – brewed in Texas USA and gluten reduced
  •       Seattle Cider Perry ABV 5.4% – brewed in Washington USA and is gluten reduced
  •       Dragon’s Head Sparkling Perry Cider – ABV 6.3% 0 brewed in Washington USA
  •       Vander Mill Bon Chretien – ABV 6.8% brewed in Michigan USA and is gluten reduced

As you can see from the brand list above perry is manufactured in different regions of the south west of the Uk, the USA, Sweden, and northern France.

Most of the brands mentioned above are available for delivery in the USA and Canada via Drizly or Amazon in other Countries.

Interesting Perry and Pear Facts 

The following details a few perry and pears facts that you may not be aware of:

1.    There is an old English saying that a perry pear tree can produce fruit for up to 250 years

2.    A perry pear tree can grow as large as an English oak or in meters that over 15 meters tall!

3.    Perry pear trees can reach as old as 300 years old!

4.    The first pear tree planted in North America was in 1620.

5.    When at war with wine producing Countries including France and Portugal the British Aristocracy replaced Champagne with Perry.

6.    There are over 3,000varieties of pears grown around the globe.

7.    Pear leaves used to be smoked in Europe before the discovery of tobacco was introduced.

8.    Most pears that are grown in USA are grown on the west coast in Northern California, Oregon and Washington you will notice this on the above brand list.

9.    In ancient Greece pears were used as a natural remedy against nausea.

10.  Asian pears were cultivated in China as early as 1150B.C.

11.  In China, the pear’s name represents the symbol of immortality and hence the destruction of as pear tree symbolizes a tragedy or death.

There really are some wonderful perry brands out there and many to sink your taste buds into and I would loved to hear from you your views on some of these brands and your experience as well of course if you have any good recommendations, please leave your comment below.

Good luck in sampling some of the above brands and I hope that you discover some new favorites.



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